"Spare Ribs Latex Chest Plate" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Spare Ribs Latex Chest Plate" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Life as a zombie can be rather violent. It seems humans aren't so keen on having their juicy, delicious brains eaten by undead walkers. They will fight to the death to save their fragile hides. Of course, the zombies usually prevail, but there isn't a single individual in the undead horde that doesn't have a few gnarly battle scars.

Create an amazing Halloween costume with the Spare Ribs chest plate from The Horror Dome. This premium latex design attaches in the back with velcro. Wear it with the included shirt and it will look like your torso has been torn up in a bloody battle. Hand detailed by talented, yet twisted craftspeople, this costume accessory displays rib bones, red, bloody flesh and a sliced up neck.

Whether you're going as a zombie, werewolf, or victim of a gory accident, you'll find this chest plate and shirt combo looks shockingly realistic. Add a new character to your professional haunted house attraction, turn heads at the costume party, or freak out the local trick or treaters with this Hollywood-quality accessory.