"Straight From the Grave" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask
 Straight from the Grave: Decaying undead Halloween mask details

"Straight From the Grave" HD Studios Pro Mask

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The Story Behind The Straight from the Grave Mask

Undead and decaying, with no soul to save, this belligerent being rises Straight from the Grave. Awaken from decades deceased by a wicked spell cast over the graveyard, this murderous menace clawed his way out of a cheap pine coffin buried six feet below the grass. Now he's on the loose and thirsting for blood. Reanimated for the sole purpose of inflicting terror and death on the local townspeople, he shows no remorse as he tears his victims limb from limb.

Hauntingly Realistic: The Lifelike Details of Our "Straight From the Grave" Mask

The Straight from the Grave Halloween mask is hand painted and haired for a chillingly lifelike look. Somewhere between a modern zombie and the classic possessed skeleton character, this demon features a boney face with shriveled-up skin and rotting flesh, and a menacing mouth full of ferocious teeth. Crafted by the macabre masters at The Horror Dome, this mask will make a petrifying costume, and a unique addition to any collection of haunted merchandise.

Straight From the Grave Mask Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand Painted and Haired for Ultra Realism
  • Designed and Created by the Horror Dome

Straight from the Grave is a collector Halloween mask designed and created exclusively by the Horror Dome.

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