"Rotted Zombie Head" HD Studios Bloody Halloween Prop

"Rotted Zombie Head" HD Studios Bloody Halloween Prop

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There's one sure way to stop a bloodthirsty walker dead in his undead tracks; slice off his head. This unlucky animated cadaver was caught roaming the woods behind farmer Brown's property. With one swing of the axe, our fearless farmer liberated this ghastly ghoul's noggin from his wretched body. Now he head lies preserved in the hall of horrors, to remind us all to be prepared for the There's o zombie apocalypse.

The Rotted Zombie head prop is an original Horror Dome design. Hand detailed by talented and twisted craftspeople for maximum realism, this mangled mug is missing flesh from it's left side, and features an eyeball dangling from the optical nerve. His dome is cracked open, revealing red pulp that was once a functioning cerebrum. Jagged teeth encircle a brutalized mouth, and a lazily hanging tongue completes the braindead look.

Set a grotesque scene in your haunted house attraction, freak out the neighborhood kids on Halloween, or add a cinema-quality artifact to your collection of macabre merchandise. This mutilated man looks so lifelike, you won't be comfortable turning your back on him. Discover a disgusting new character today.