"Black Rose Spirit" Women's Halloween Costume

"Black Rose Spirit" Costume

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A mysterious maiden in mourning or a supernatural being with magical powers? Not much is known about Black Rose. She's warm, inviting, approachable and charming, but there's something dark, sad, and even sinister about her. You just can't put your finger on it. She seems to have lost someone she loves, but was it her taste for the occult that put him in the grave?

Mingle with guests at the masquerade ball with the Black Rose Spirit Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This full body set features a black and white dress with long, elegant drop sleeves, a matching hood, and a beautiful choker. Simply add some makeup or a mask and wear a killer pair of black shoes, and you're ready for a night at the goth club. Whether you're hanging out at the spooky cocktail party with friends, trick or treating with the family, or just taking a few selfies for social media, the Black Rose Spirit costume is sure to look incredible. Have a Halloween to remember with good friends, plenty of libations, and this amazing outfit.

Low cut, drop sleeve, floor length dress with black rose print detailing, head veil and choker. Fits women sizes 2-8. Rose sold separately.