"Misery The Clown" Latex Halloween Mask

"Misery The Clown" Mask

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They say Misery loves company. Well, they're right. Misery the Clown is awfully lonely, and he'd love a few friends to play with. Of course, by "play with" we mean torturing them, slicing them open, and feeding their guts to rabid animals. Watch your back when the traveling circus is in town. You never know if Misery is a passenger in that overstuffed clown car.

The Misery the Clown Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a premium over the head design that will give you a professional, seamless look, when worn with a shirt or clown suit. Hand detailed and made from durable latex, Misery has pale, white skin, a menacing expression highlighted by brightly colored clown makeup, and two pointy devil horns protruding from his skull. Part psychotic jester, part evil demon, this killer clown character is perfect for the demented big top at your haunted house. Freak out local trick or treaters, or turn heads at the costume party with this nasty design. Pair this mask with a clown suit and some oversized shoes, and you're all set to terrorize the neighborhood.