"Chingo the Clown" Halloween Mask

"Chingo the Clown" Mask

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Years of being laughed at and ridiculed by adults and children alike finally caused Chingo to crack. Now, the disgruntled jester has left the big top, and lives alone in the woods, eating vermin he's caught and dreaming of revenge on society. Where will you be when he decides to go on a murderous rampage? Safe at home, or vulnerable, on your way back from work or class?

The Chingo the Clown Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a bone-shaking-ly frightening design. Hand detailed by talented, yet twisted artists, this mask features a bald white dome with two jets of bright red hair shooting out of the sides. Chingo has a rotted red nose, classic clown makeup, and a ferocious grin displaying jagged, but deadly teeth. A Hollywood-quality over the head style mask, you'll have a professional, seamless look when you wear this creation with a shirt or jacket. Add a new character to your haunted house, or create an amazing costume for trick or treating around the neighborhood. One look at Chingo and your coulrophobic friends are sure to go running for the hills.