"Zombie Werewolf" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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For eons the mythical wolf-man wandered these dark woods, searching for warm flesh by the light of the full moon. With superhuman strength, he tore his prey limb from limb. He was truly an apex predator, until a horde of zombies invaded the forest. Bitten by the undead, the Zombie Werewolf has joined their ranks. Driven by the hunger of a desperate animal and an insatiable craving for brains, he will stop at nothing until he gets a meal.

A Horror Dome original creation, the Zombie Werewolf mask is a hand-detailed work of macabre art that is both cinema-quality and collection-worthy. Freak out the local trick or treaters on Halloween, terrify passengers on the hayride, or bring an exciting new character into your haunted house. A full, over the head design, this mask offers a seamless look when worn with a shirt or jacket. Beady, intense eyes, rows of sharp, ferocious teeth, and spots of torn and decaying skin make this monster a bone-chilling sight to behold. Induce nightmares in all those who cross your path with this incredibly realistic mask. They'll never forget the day they encountered the Zombie Werewolf and lived to tell about it -- or did they?

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