"Universal Studios Mummy" Halloween Mask

"Universal Studios Mummy" Mask

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In search of fabled hidden treasure, grave-robbers tunneled into this dark and dank tomb. Little did they know, the Pharaoh's gold and riches are protected by a supernatural guardian. Almost as soon as the explorers entered this subterranean chamber, they noticed a faint grunting sound and the shuffling of feet. Suddenly, the Mummy had them in his clutches. With monstrous strength, he crushed their spines like matchsticks.

The Universal Studios Mummy Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is an iconic design that will conjure up images of classic monster movies. Hand painted for maximum detail, this over the head mask will provide a professional, seamless look when worn with a shirt, or wrapped in bandages. The Mummy has wrinkly grey skin that looks like it hasn't seen sunlight in thousands of years. He has a dead, blank stare, and combed back white hair. Add a new character to your haunted house attraction with this bone-chilling design. Create a fantastic Halloween costume for trick or treating, partying with friends, or attending the masquerade ball. This mask will make a wonderful addition to any collection of macabre or Hollywood merchandise.