"Jaws - Bruce the Shark" Movie Halloween Mask

"Jaws - Bruce the Shark" Mask

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As the friendly beach community of Amity gets ready to host a legion of tourists for yet another summer of fun, reports of a carnivorous creature circling the island have been reported by the local fishermen. No need to panic, right? Shark attacks are exceedingly rare, and we don't want to drive away vacationers. As beachgoers start to fall victim to this stealthy killer, you take matters into your own hands and go on the hunt.

You'll get high-fives from fans of the classic movie with the Jaws Bruce the Shark Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. A timeless work of cinema, Jaws has enthralled audiences for generations. The mechanical shark, nicknamed "Bruce" by Steven Spielberg, has become one of the most recognizable horror movie monsters in history. This premium, over the head, latex design is hand detailed for a realistic look. With his mouth open and about to attack, you can see debris lodged in his throat, including the scuba tank that is eventually used to blow him to smithereens. Add a great piece to your collection of macabre or Hollywood memorabilia with the Bruce Jaws mask.

One size fits most adults.