"Snow Machine" Christmas Special Effects

"Snow Machine" Christmas Special Effects

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A time-travel experiment gone hideously wrong has opened up a rift between worlds in the basement of this mad scientist's estate. Venturing into the unknown you encounter weird phenomenon; two-headed beasts who seem to possess almost-human intelligence, weird, bird-like calls coming from off in the distance, and snow, gently falling, despite the fact that you're indoors and the temperature is hovering around 70 degrees. As sensory overload starts to set in you start to lose track of which reality is, well... real.

Create an amazingly realistic snow effect with a Snow Machine from The Horror Dome. These pro-quality machines are perfect for giving any room in your haunted house attraction a little of the white stuff. They're also popular for holiday winter scenes featuring snowmen, reindeer, Santa and his elves. Craft an eye-catching holiday scene at your place of business, and attract attention from potential clients. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these machines are always a hit at parties and concerts. Add a great special effect to your music or dance club, or treat your kids to a white Christmas, even if you live in a tropical climate.

Requires snow fluid not included. Includes a 1 liter tank and 6' electrical cord.