"Mrs. Santa" Christmas Costume - Adult Small

"Mrs. Santa" Costume (Adult Small)

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Welcome kids, to Santa's workshop. Let Mrs. Claus show you around while jolly old St. Nick is busy with the elves. We don't get many visitors up here at the North Pole, so why don't you snack on some fresh baked cookies and tell us about where you come from? Have you been naughty or nice this year? Tell the truth, Santa knows!

Whether you're an actor working with the classic mall Santa, putting on a show for schools or corporate holiday events, or simply hosting your own Christmas Eve bash, you'll find a great Mrs. Claus costume will put a smile on the face of all those around you. The Mrs. Santa adult small costume from The Horror Dome is the perfect getup for those dressing as St. Nick's better half. This premium design features a long red velvet dress with white wilderness fur, sequins and pompoms, and comes with a cute bonnet-style hat. It's all you need to start entertaining guests, both young and old.

Get your city or town in the seasonal spirit with a Mrs. Santa costume. There's no better way to spread holiday cheer than by dressing as this beloved character.

Long velvet dress, trimmed with white Wilderness fur, sequins and pompoms.