"Classic Elf Shoes - Green" Christmas Costume Accessory

"Classic Elf Shoes - Green" Christmas Costume Accessory

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Why do elves wear those upturned shoes? Do their toes actually curve up that way, or is it just a fashion statement? Nobody knows exactly why that style caught on, but one thing is for sure, if you're employed at Santa's workshop, you're sporting a pair of these emerald green kicks. Also popular with court jesters, this iconic footwear is a must-have item.

Whether you're a professional actor helping usher children to Santa's lap at the mall, dressing up as a court clown for Halloween, or just looking for some fresh new style, the green Elf Shoes from The Horror Dome are perfect. These slide-on, one-size-fits-most shoes feature long pointy toes that are curled back to meet the top of the foot. They feature a shiny, metallic finish, and pair well with a number of different costumes.

Make holiday memories with your family, play Santa's little helper, or delight the King and Queen at the medieval ball. These versatile classic Elf shoes are ideal for playing a number of different characters!