Top 5 Classic Horror Characters to Dress Up As

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by transforming into a classic horror character? From the eerie legends of Bigfoot to the chilling lore of Jack O'Lantern, these iconic figures have terrified and fascinated us for generations. At The Horror Dome, we offer a variety of high-quality masks and props to help you bring these legendary monsters to life. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 5 classic horror characters to dress up as, complete with detailed costume suggestions and links to the perfect masks and accessories. Get ready to embrace the fright and become the star of your next Halloween event! 

1. Bigfoot: The Legendary Cryptid

Backstory: Deep in the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest, a mysterious creature roams the wilderness. Known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, this elusive being has been the subject of countless legends and sightings. Towering over seven feet tall, covered in thick, matted fur, and possessing immense strength, Bigfoot is a creature of myth and wonder. It is said that those who encounter Bigfoot are forever changed, haunted by the eerie feeling of being watched by something not entirely of this world.

Costume Link: Bigfoot HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

Props Needed:

  • Fake fur suit
  • Large feet prosthetics
  • Forest-themed accessories (e.g., fake leaves and branches)

Tips: Enhance the look with realistic fur and add some forest elements to create the perfect Bigfoot disguise.

"Zombie Lurker" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

2. Zombie Lurker: The Undead Nightmare

Backstory: Once a beloved community member, the Zombie Lurker was transformed into a mindless, flesh-eating creature after a mysterious virus ravaged the town. Now, with decayed skin and tattered clothes, the Zombie Lurker roams the streets in search of its next victim. Each step is accompanied by a ghastly moan, and its lifeless eyes tell the tragic story of a soul trapped in an eternal nightmare.

Costume Link: Zombie Lurker HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

Props Needed:

  • Torn and tattered clothing
  • Fake blood and dirt makeup
  • Bandages

Tips: Apply makeup to create a decaying effect and use fake blood to add realism to the costume.

"The Infected Zombie" HD Studios Pro Costume

3. The Infected: A Plague of Terror

Backstory: The Infected zombie represents the horrors of a viral outbreak that turned ordinary people into grotesque monsters. Once human, these beings are now driven by a primal urge to spread their infection. With oozing wounds and a ghastly appearance, The Infected is a harbinger of doom, a reminder of the thin line between humanity and monstrosity.

Costume Link: The Infected Zombie HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

Props Needed:

  • Torn clothing
  • Fake wounds and makeup to simulate infection
  • Medical accessories (e.g., fake syringes)

Tips: Use makeup to create realistic infected wounds and add props like syringes to enhance the theme.

4. Big Bad Wolf: The Fearsome Furry

"Big Bad Wolf" HD Studios Pro Werewolf Halloween Costume

Backstory: The Big Bad Wolf is a fearsome predator from the depths of the forest, known for its cunning and brutality. Tales of its terror have been told for generations, warning children and villagers alike of its sharp teeth and predatory instincts. With each full moon, the Big Bad Wolf emerges from the shadows, its howls sending chills down the spines of those who hear it.

Costume Link: Big Bad Wolf HD Studios Pro Werewolf Halloween Costume

Props Needed:

  • Fur-covered costume
  • Claw gloves
  • Fangs

Tips: Use makeup to blend the mask and add fur to your hands and feet for a cohesive look.

"Jack O’Lantern Reacher" Halloween Animatronic

5. Jack O'Lantern: The Pumpkin King

Backstory: Once a simple farmer, Jack made a deal with a dark entity for prosperity, only to be cursed and transformed into the monstrous Jack O'Lantern. With a glowing pumpkin head and a sinister grin, Jack now haunts the night, seeking revenge on those who wronged him. His eerie light cuts through the darkness, a beacon of terror that draws unsuspecting victims into his haunted realm.

Costume Link: Jack O'Lantern HD Studios Night Terror Halloween Costume

Props Needed:

  • Pumpkin head mask
  • Tattered clothing
  • Lantern or light-up prop

Tips: Carry a lantern to add to the eerie glow and enhance the haunted scarecrow look.


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