"Zott the Space Monkey" Professional Alien Animatronic

"Zott the Space Monkey" Professional Alien Animatronic

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NASA's big secret is finally out in the open; all the chimps that were sent into space came back super intelligent. Zott the Space Monkey was once your average ape, swinging from tree to tree and throwing feces at his enemies. After a few government-funded orbits around the Earth, he's back and ready to speak his mind. Devilish, rude, and full of opinions that no one wants to hear, irritating imp just doesn't know when to shut up. The Zott the Space Monkey Halloween animatronic is designed and crafted by the haunt experts at The Horror Dome. This Hollywood-quality prop features digital sound and is activated by a remote control unit. He'll mock your guests as they wait in line to enter your haunted house, or draw attention to your storefront during the Halloween season. With a bad-boy attitude, and a pocket full of one-liners, Zott is always a crowd favorite.