"Zombie Risers - Lenore" HD Studios Graveyard Halloween Prop

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The rare and radiant maiden who the angels name Lenore, is now a vile zombie rising from her grave to seek juicy human brains. Who knew your home was buried on top of an old graveyard? Perhaps that's why you got such a good price. As you ponder, weak and weary, how to survive the coming apocalypse, you come to the bone-chilling realization that you'll soon be amongst the undead. Lenore zombie risers Halloween decorations are designed to give the impression of a demon, bursting forth from their grave. Designed and manufactured by The Horror Dome, these studio-quality props are incredibly detailed, and feature positionable arms, hands and fingers, for creating the perfect frightening pose, or even holding small items, like an axe or a severed head. Place Lenore on your lawn, and watch traffic crawl to a stop as onlookers stare in disbelief. Welcome visitors to your ghoulish haunted house with a horrifically realistic zombie riser.

Zombie Risers Features:

  • Life-Sized
  • Comes with poseable arms, hands, and fingers
  • Produced and Manufactured in the USA by the Horror Dome

The Lenore Zombie Riser is a rising halloween decoration produced and manufactured by the experts at the Horror Dome.