Vanessa Carcass Life-Sized Prop

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Jumped by a horde of bloodthirsty zombies, poor Vanessa never really had a chance. After snacking on this unlucky maiden, the pack of walkers soldiered on, leaving her carcass to rot on the sidewalk. Dismembered, disemboweled, slashed and mutilated, her broken body stands as a warning to all those who may enter the infected area.

The Vanessa Carcass prop from The Horror Dome is a Hollywood-quality design that looks so real, you can almost smell her decaying flesh. Hand painted and haired by talented, yet twisted, artists and craftspeople, this life-size dummy is incredibly detailed. Missing flesh reveals a skeletal face with a still-shocked expression and rancid, rotted muscles and tendons.

Give your indie slasher flick big-budget looks, or treat visitors to your haunted house to a nightmare-inducing sight. She makes a wonderful addition to any demonic torture chamber scene, and is the perfect victim of a werewolf, psycho killer, or zombie apocalypse. Use this bone-chilling decoration to tell a detailed backstory, or let your guests' imaginations do the work. Either way, this bone-chilling dead body won't easily be forgotten (though some may try).