Tortured Tina Female Severed Head Halloween Decoration

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Tortured Tina paid for her misdeeds with hours of agony, and finally death. Prodded, slashed, beaten and stabbed by a demonic tormentor, this maleficent maiden suffered a long, slow demise. What crimes had she committed to deserve such an unspeakable end? Whether this was underworld justice carried out by a supernatural hell-spawn or the work of a psychotic serial killer, we may never truly know. Watch your back and avoid the dark arts, and hopefully, you'll keep your head on your shoulders. Trick or treaters will think twice about approaching your home with a Tortured Tina Severed Head Halloween decoration mounted on the porch. This hand painted prop is startlingly realistic. Perfect for a hall of horrors in your haunted house, or part of a backdrop for a ghoulish indie move, these decorations will leave a lasting impression on your guests or audience. Since this is a hand painted mask blood splatters will never be the same. Crafted and designed by The Horror Dome, Tina is truly a unique specimen.

Female Severed Head Features:

  • Hand painted and haired for hyper realism
  • Lightweight, Durable

Tortured Tina is a female severed head halloween decoration offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.