"Toe Tag Terror" Halloween Animatronic

"Toe Tag Terror" Halloween Animatronic

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The victim of a grisly murder, a horrendous plague, or a self-inflicted gunshot wound after decades of suffering from guilt and regret, no one is quite sure what ghastly fate befell this poor soul. He lies lifelessly on the examination table with a blood-soaked blanked draped over his rigid corpse. You approach to start the autopsy, when suddenly he bolts upright and screams in agony. There's a high-pitched clank as your scalpel lands on the concrete floor, and before you can think "zombie" you're already halfway out the door. The Toe Tag Terror Halloween animatronic is a Horror Dome original. Activated by a switch, this seemingly dead patient comes roaring back to life, right as curious onlookers are least expecting it. This capricious cadaver will be the perfect addition to any collection full of macabre medical marvels, or a grotesque haunted hospital room, where unnecessary surgery is performed on kidnapped captives.