"The Killing Clown" Halloween Animatronic

"The Killing Clown" Halloween Animatronic

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They say it was the crowds of jeering children that drove him insane. Now this violent clown lusts to murder and maim. An amiable buffoon who stumbled through his daily routine in the big top for a tad too long, The Killing Clown is done screwing around. To show he means business, he carries the decapitated head of his latest victim. Better not giggle at his goofy makeup and farm-boy overalls, he'd love an excuse to slit your throat. The Killing Clown Halloween animatronic features lifelike motion that will have your guests screaming for their lives. Anyone with even the slightest fear of clowns will run for the exits. An axe wielding and blood-covered jester, his beady, dead eyes are cold and uncaring. He's a perfect addition to any creepy clown scene, demented circus, or serial killer display. Crafted by the macabre experts at The Horror Dome, this durable prop will entertain patrons for years.