Ghost Bust Trio Halloween Decoration

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When the clock strikes midnight in this haunted abode, the Ghost Bust Trio of Barnaby, Bastian and Grimm come to life and sing their creepy Halloween tune in perfect three-piece harmony. Dead for decades, their musical souls have been cursed by a jealous sorcerer. They can't make it to the afterlife, so the instead reside in these marble busts, awakening only to recite their song, and disappear into the darkness for another 24 hours. The Ghost Bust Trio Halloween decoration is a shockingly lifelike animatronic that will totally captivate your audience. Perfect for entertaining a group before they enter your haunted house, Barnaby, Bastian and Grimm come as a set of three blank busts. Once the DVD is started, three separate projectors make these featurless faces come alive. The result is a theme park-quality effect that will be absolutely unforgettable, especially for kids. Add a unique new centerpiece to your display with this incredible prop.