"The Death Chamber" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"The Death Chamber" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Sentenced to die for an unspeakable crime, this indignant inmate maintained his innocence up until the very end. Swearing revenge as he's strapped down in the gas chamber, he struggles to escape as the poisonous vapor takes his toll. Curious onlookers gather around to observe the gruesome sight of a murderous psychopath receiving his just deserts and are totally aghast when he bolts upright in one last violent motion. The Death Chamber Halloween animatronic is a fantastic centerpiece prop that will complete any haunted house, especially if you have a room with an executioner or torture theme. The victim shakes realistically as he screams out at his captors. A built-in fog machine fills the airtight cell as lights flicker and sirens sound. Watch the crowd jump in fright when he lunges forward before collapsing into death. A Horror Dome original, this animatronic will leave a lasting impression on all those who bear witness.