"The Coffin Riser" Professional Zombie Halloween Animatronic

"The Coffin Riser" Professional Zombie Halloween Animatronic

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Looks like poor Reginald has some unfinished business in this life, before he can rest in peace. As a crowd of mourners pays their respects, this cold corpse seems to be down for the count. Then all of a sudden he comes shooting up into a sitting position. Is this the beginning of the zombie apocalypse? Was a demonic curse placed on this unfortunate gentleman, or is this just a prank played by mischievous teenagers? The Coffin Riser Halloween animatronic is a classic startle that will have your guests leaping in fright. Operated by a switch, timer or motion sensor, you'll have no trouble making this expired cadaver roar back to life at exactly the right moment. Perfect for a creepy funeral scene at your haunted house, a loud machine-gun-like burst and a flickering strobe light accompany his rapid reanimation. Crafted by the experts at The Horror Dome, this memorable prop is hand detailed for maximum realism.