"Slipknot - Sid Wilson" Halloween Mask

"Slipknot - Sid Wilson" Mask

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Rock the turntables, freak out the neighborhood, or get down and dirty in the mosh pit with the Slipknot Sid Wilson mask from The Horror Dome. Also known as #0, DJ Starscream, and DJ Moonboots, Sid is responsible for laying down beats, scratching, and creating ridiculous sounds during the band's songs. His unique skills give this modern nu metal band their legendary sound.

Manufactured from high-quality latex, this tough mask is ideal for wear in the pit, or while causing mischief around town. Hand detailed for maximum detail, this stunning creation is a collection-worthy work of art. Add it to your stash of macabre music merchandise or display it proudly above your sound system.

A metallic, skull-like shape with a menacing angry expression, this mask is sure to leave an impression on all those who cross your path. Team up with your buds and hit the nu metal show in style. You'll look so much like the band, you may even get asked for autographs. Don't try to take the stage though, unless you know the set by heart.