"Sledgehammer" Horror Weapon Halloween Prop

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There are plenty of interesting ways to end up dead, but the most common of all is trauma to the head. Nothing gets the job done like a good old Sledgehammer. Whether you're taking a perfectly aimed swing at the noggin of a helpless victim who is tied down and unable to move, or chasing your prey through the woods swinging wildly and hoping to smash a hip or shatter a kneecap, this well made weapon is up to the task. The Sledgehammer prop Halloween decoration is a Hollywood-quality creation that will give your indie horror film believable big-budget looks. Crafted by the expert artists at The Horror Dome, you'll find this heavy hammer makes a great accessory for a range of creepy serial killer characters. From an evil clown to a redneck zombie, a graveyard skeleton or an angry Frankenstein, the Sledgehammer will add a touch of extra fright to any costume.