"Shock Therapy Shocktronic" Live Actor Halloween Animatronic

"Shock Therapy Shocktronic" Live Actor Halloween Animatronic

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Gregory was not an ordinary fellow, he had trouble staying focused, peaceful and mellow. So in a last ditch plan to reorder his brain, they sent 50,000 watts coursing straight through his veins. A once cutting-edge treatment that has since fallen out of favor, it's hard to tell if Shock Therapy is anything more that pure torture. As his body shakes uncontrollably you see rage boiling in his eyes. What would happen if he broke free in this moment of terror? The Shock Therapy Shocktronic Halloween animatronic is a unique Horror Dome original. Wearing a bodysuit that makes him appear to be hanging upside down, an actor convulses in pain and agony while strobe lights create a realistic looking electric shock effect. Then, just when onlookers think the terrible ordeal is over, the actor lunges towards the crowd. This brilliant design will give your guests nightmares for weeks to come.