Screaming Sally Ghost Child Halloween Decoration

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Having met her demise by violent means, poor little Sally's soul can't make it to the afterlife. Instead, this atrocious apparition stalks the halls of her former abode to remind all of the unspeakable events that took place. When you hear her drift past your bedroom, pull the covers over your head and wait for her to move on. Those who encounter Sally in the hallway report years of terrible nightmares, lingering illness and great misfortune. The Screaming Sally Ghost Child Halloween decoration is a movie-quality prop that will send shivers down the spines of local trick or treaters as they approach your porch. She'll fit in nicely with a scene of sinister specters in your ghost room. This five foot tall, fully posable mannequin can be displayed in a variety of positions. Make her the star of the show, or hide her around a corner to shock unsuspecting visitors who thought they just made it to safety.