REALISTIC CUT HEAD Halloween Decoration

"Realistic Cut Severed Head" Bloody Halloween Prop

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Deep in the haunted mansion, you stumble upon a hall of severed heads. They serve as a warning to all those who even consider exploring the caverns beneath this frightening abode. One goon catches your eye, with a pale purple complexion. It looks as if our friend here ran out of oxygen shortly before he was decapitated. Perhaps you should have brought a canary as you venture further into this dark dungeon.

The realistic Cut Head Halloween decoration is a Horror Dome original that's sure to leave an impression on your guests. Set up a hall of horrors for you guests to check out while they're waiting in line, create a delightfully creepy scene at your home and scare the wits out of the local trick or treaters, or add some big-budget looks to your indie monster flick. Hand detailed for maximum effect, this purple dome features wrinkly skin, a dead expression, and bulging eyes that aren't exactly focused on the same point.

Make up a macabre backstory for this severed head or let your visitors fill in the blanks with their own imagination, the choice is up to you.

Latex cut off Head with Realistic Plastic Eyes. Excellent detailing and hand painted. Very Lifelike.