"Pyromaniac" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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This unfriendly bloke with a rotten demeanor was the subject of his neighbors' ire, till he tossed a lit smoke on an oily rag and burned them alive in a fire. The Pyromaniac has a psychotic urge to set the world ablaze. From playing with matches as a child, to criminal arson as an adult, this madman's handiwork has caused unspeakable pain, suffering and death. Wanted by the authorities, he hides by day and terrorizes the town at night. If he stops you to ask for a light, run for your life.

The Pyromaniac Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is hand painted for a bone-chilling, realistic look. With beady pale eyes, half-blind from exposure to intense heat, and dry, cracked skin that has melted away in some spots leaving exposed flesh, he's a nauseating sight to behold. This murderous character will fit in with other deranged lunatic in your hall of serial killers, or serve as a great standalone costume for an evening spreading mischief in your neighborhood. Manufactured from highly-durable materials and made to last, this unique design will be a popular haunt, year after year.

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