"Predator Latex Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

"Predator Latex Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

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They say, "If it bleeds, you can kill it," though with the Predator, that's not always the case. Used to being at the top of the intergalactic food chain, this classic sci-fi beast roams the cosmos looking for prey. Now, he's set his sights on Earth. You hear a faint rustle in the jungle outside your tent, then suddenly, Predator Hands reach in and grab your tent-mate. This is turning into the vacation from Hell, for sure.

The officially-licensed Latex Predator Hands from The Horror Dome are cinema-quality costume accessories that will put the finishing touch on any murderous brute costume. They are great for playing the villain from the 1987 film, and also make wonderful orc or goblin hands.

Stage an encounter with hostile aliens at your haunted house, put together a stunning Halloween costume, or take a few Instagram-worthy selfies and hit the bumping masquerade ball. This amazing look will pair will with friends dressed as Arnold Schwarzenegger and his band of monster hunters. Terrorize the local trick or treaters, or turn heads at Comic Con with these pro-quality latex hands.