PEELED FLESH CUT OFF HEAD Halloween Decoration

"Peeled Flesh" Severed Head Halloween Prop

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Of all the severed heads in the Hall of Horrors, one strikes you as particularly terrifying. This poor bloke seems to be frozen in a state of permanent agony; his expression unchanged from the moments before his death while he endured the pain being skinned alive. Though he's been dead for years, you can almost hear him howl, just by looking into his glazed over eyes. You try to tear yourself away, but your morbid curiosity won't let you.

The Peeled Flesh Cut-Off head from The Horror Dome will look perfect with any severed head collection, and fit in with any torture chamber scene. Display it on your front porch to freak out local trick or treaters, or use it as a centerpiece to set the mood at your costume party. This life size prop features exposed muscles and blue and red veins and arteries. With nose, ears and eyes intact, it's not hard to tell this lump of flesh was once a human. Take home a few other body parts from The Horror Dome, and set up a dismembered body in the dungeon or demonic lair of your professional haunted house.