PEEK A BOO Halloween Animatronic

"Peek a Boo Monster" Halloween Animatronic

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Lurking in the bushes, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, the Peek a Boo Monster sees you carelessly approaching his hiding spot. Rumors have been circulating in town of a maniacal madman mutilating house pets and painting occult symbols with their blood. You dismissed them as pure hogwash until now. Something doesn't feel right as you take out the garbage before bed. As you walk back past the hedge, he leaps up and grabs you. Once you're in his creepy clutches, escape is impossible. The Peek a Boo Monster Halloween animatronic will have even your most hardened guests jumping with fear. This top hat clad psycho killer practically explodes up from behind the obstacle of your choosing. Activated by a remote switch, pressure pad or motion sensor, you can make sure he attacks at exactly the right time for maximum effect. Hand detailed by The Horror Dome, his menacing mug won't soon be forgotten.