"Multi-Color Clown Shoes - Latex" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Multi-Color Clown Shoes - Latex" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Put a goofy foot forward with oversized latex clown shoes from The Horror Dome. These premium designs will be the finishing touches on any clown costume. Play a friendly bozo who lives to make little children laugh, or dress as a murderous psychopath who lusts for fresh kill. Clowns have a way of evoking a range of emotions. They inspire happiness and laughter in some of us, and outright dread in others.

Latex clown shoes from The Horror Dome are made from quality materials, and designed to last through many nights of clowning around. Dress up with your family as a traveling circus and make the rounds on Halloween, searching for the best candy in the neighborhood. Add a jovial character to your haunted house who suddenly takes a very dark turn when you discover the torture chamber underneath their big top.

When realism and detail matter, turn to these expertly designed costume accessories. These multi-color latex shoes will take any clown outfit to the next level. Go all in this Halloween, or entertain kids at a birthday party any time of year, with this fabulous footwear.

Great durable clown shoes to accessorize any clown costume. One size fits most. Blue, yellow and red color scheme.