Moldy Molly Zombie Kid Halloween Decoration

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When zombies raided her town, Molly was bitten bad, now she roams the Earth, with her undead Mom and Dad. Accompanied by her rancid feline friend, this pint sized terror has a bite that is just as infectious as an adult walker. When you're on patrol for an advancing horde, don't forget to check every little hiding place for this menacing mite. If she sneaks into your barracks at night, you'll all awake with a craving for juicy human brains. The Moldy Molly Zombie Kid Halloween decoration is hand painted, haired and detailed by the expert craftspeople at The Horror Dome. She's perfect for setting a Hollywood-quality zombie invasion scene in or around your haunted house. Eerily lifelike, you almost expect her to stand up and lunge forward. Your petrified guests will find it difficult to shake Molly's decaying corpse from their mind. Built to last, this demonic prop will be a crowd favorite for years to come.