"Mehron Spirit Gum - 4 1/2 Oz" Halloween Makeup / Accessory

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From Abraham Lincoln's beard to Satan's devilish horns, prosthetics play a big role in some of the best Halloween costumes. With Mehron Spirit Gum from The Horror Dome, you'll have a premium adhesive that will keep your look together, even as you chase patrons in your haunted house, or get down on the dance floor at that raging party. Made from a few simple ingredients, this effective glue is great for people with sensitive skin. Available in 4 1/2 Oz bottles, you'll have plenty of sticky power for your costume's needs.

Whether you're gluing on an oversized witch's wart, Klingon ridges, or alien antennae, Spirit Gum will do the trick. Stock up and make sure your haunted house always has the essentials you need to keep guests entertained and horrified, or take home a bottle and put an interesting spin on arts and crafts time with your family. Make that bald cap look incredibly real, keep that goofy clown nose in it's place, and attach pointy elf ears. Shop today, and select a professional-quality product that has been helping create outstanding costumes for generations.