"Laughing Hag" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

"Laughing Hag" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

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At the entrance to the haunted mansion sits a ghastly old granny on her rocking chair. They say there's a portal to the underworld hidden in this sprawling estate, and no one who has ever entered has ever returned. You ask this malevolent madam if the rumors are true, but all she does is cackle manically. Something in these walls has driven her mad over the years. Your morbid curiosity gets ahold of you and you decide to investigate.

The Laughing Hag Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is an easy to set up, all-electric design that is sure to be a favorite with guests and visitors. When activated, this gross old woman starts rocking back and forth and snickering. Place her at the entrance to your attraction or hide her around a corner and trigger her motion with a remote sensor. With wrinkled, almost decaying skin, sunken eyes, and wiry white/grey hair, she can be a witch, a sorcerer, or simply an old coot who has lost touch with reality. Provide a standard chair or rocking chair, plug her in, and get ready for a haunting, eerie sight.

Soundtrack CD included.You provide a chair and CD player. Arms can be positioned. All electric! Clothing may vary.