"Large Air Cannon" Halloween Animatronic Mechanism

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Similar to other manufacturers cannons, but at a fraction of the price, our air cannon delivers a huge blast of air that is guaranteed to startle. A custom designed resonator allows for amplification of the blast. Also our cannon can be modified to suit other special effects like pirate cannons, or cannon ball impact splashes.

To use this mechanism, simply mount the cannon to a stable surface, apply power to the valve, attach an air source (not included), allow the tank to fill (60-80PSI recommended), push the trigger button and BANG!!!!!!!! Out fires gallons of compressed air in less then two seconds.

Two minute re-fill is mandatory between firing. Automation should only be used when small children ARE NOT going to be present.

Constructed using only professional parts, the cannon includes a 5 gallon air tank with welded mounting brackets, High flow dump valve, resonator, hand held trigger and 12v electrical connections. Requires 110V power and a compressor with 100-120 PSI.

Size 22" x 16" x 14"