Krem Resurrection Alien Mask

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While sitting on the back porch, enjoying a warm summer night, you see a bright light streak across the sky. What was that? A shooting star? A missile test? Whatever it was, it was too close for comfort. Suddenly, you notice a faint glow filtering through the dense woods. You grab your flashlight and head out to explore. To your horror, you've stumbled across the landing site of the soulless and evil Krem Alien. He will learn much about humanity from running a battery of painful tests on your helpless body.

Stage an extraterrestrial invasion or fake an alien autopsy with the Krem Resurrection Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. Hand-crafted and detailed by inspired, yet demented artists, these premium latex alien masks offer a full, over the head fit. With a large, bulbous noggin, big black, uncaring eyes, pointy, demonic ears, and pale veiny skin, this creation is both cinema-quality and collection-worthy.

Set up an alien laboratory in your haunted house and shock guests with stories of torture and unethical experimentation. Hide in your neighbor's backyard and scare their socks off when they return home from work, or greet trick or treaters with an alien head mask and candy that are both out of this world.

Full over the head latex mask, individually hand painted and sculpted.