Killer Klown from Outer Space #4

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From a galaxy far, far away, comes a terror of comical proportions. Aliens from the other side of the universe picked up some old TV broadcasts and got a little confused. Judging from the one show they watched, they thought they'd fit right in dressed as clowns. Now it's time to invade, and they're slowly realizing their mistake. Earth 1, Aliens 0.

The Killer Klown from Outer Space #4 Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a high-quality, over the head, latex design. When you wear it with a turtle neck, you'll have a seamless, professional look. Hand detailed by talented, yet twisted artists, these masks are incredibly detailed. The Killer Klown features pale, white skin, purple lips encircling a large, menacing mouth, a classic red clown nose, and a spurt of bright orange hair. The look in his eyes suggests that he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Create an amazing Halloween costume for trick or treating with the kids, or add a unique new character to your haunted house attraction. This impressive mask is great for any collection of horror or sci-fi memorabilia.