"Jack O'Lantern" HD Studios Night Terror Halloween Costume

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Something evil is growing in the pumpkin patch. This satanic squash is on the loose, and hunting for human blood. Jack O'Lantern may have seeds for brains, but his menacing teeth aren't joking around. With piercing eyes that glow red, long, sharp claws and a dirty burlap sack for a shirt, this possessed plant is out to get revenge for the millions of pumpkin pies consumed every year. If you're unlucky enough to catch sight of him on a cold October night, run away as fast as you can. A Horror Dome original, this movie-quality Halloween costume is brilliantly designed for a unique, lifelike look. Perfect for scaring the socks off of kids on a passing hayride or guests at a haunted house, the Jack O'Lantern costume set contains an over the head mask, grotesque green pumpkin hands, a brown robe and a rope belt. Make this Halloween one to remember with a premium costume.

Jack O'Lantern Features:

  • Glowing Red Eyes
  • Oversized Mask
  • Up to the elbow pumpkin hands

The Jack O'Lantern is a halloween costume made and produced exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.