IGOR Halloween Decoration

"Igor" Halloween Monster Prop

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Every great mad scientist needs a great assistant. Of course, they often end up mutilated, transformed, or even killed by experiments that have gone awry. To say Igor deserves a few worker's comp checks is an understatement. We've lost count of the times this poor goon has been struck by lightning, poked with toxic needles, infected with diseases, or deformed by radiation. Through it all, he's remained a loyal servant to Dr. Frankenstein. Maybe he deserves a raise? Nah, let's go on vacation instead. Igor will hold down the fort.

Put the finishing touches on your mad scientist's laboratory scene with the Igor statue Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. This 55"" tall prop is hand detailed for an exceptionally realistic look. Igor is malformed and gnarly, but ripped with bulging muscles. He has a hunchback, a wicked snarl on his face, and carries a freshly removed human brain. In torn clothing, he's transmitting some serious Mr. Hyde vibes as well.

At professional haunted house attractions, the details matter. With this Igor statue from The Horror Dome, you'll have a cinema-quality set piece that will help enrich your guests' experience.

Hollow open back. Light, highly durable and weather resistant. Approx. 23" wide x 14" deep x 55" tall.