"Haunted Elevator" Professional Haunted House Animatronic

"Haunted Elevator" Professional Haunted House Animatronic

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The old saying goes, "What goes up, must come down." In the Haunted Elevator, things come down in a hurry. Up to ten unsuspecting guests at a time can enter this full sized Halloween animatronic. Thinking they are just traveling to the next floor, they soon get jolted as lights flicker and this demonic dumbwaiter comes frighteningly alive. Giving the illusion of quickly and randomly rising and plummeting between floors, this realistic contraption will have your patrons shaking in fear. Like all animatronics, props and costumes from The Horror Dome, the Haunted Elevator is quality-made from premium materials. An amazing addition to any haunted house or major Halloween party, these devilish devices are programable, and can run on any sequence or timeframe that you like and has a range of safety features in case of power loss. Give your guests an unforgettable experience this season with the "Elevator from Hell." They'll "drop in" for a ride, again and again.

Haunted Elevator Features:
  • Measures 4' x 6'
  • 7 feet tall and holds up to 10 people at a time
  • Includes pneumatics, controller, sound module, and regulator

The Haunted Elevator is a halloween animatronic complete with everything you need for easy operation, and is offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.