"Haunted Barn" Haunted House Entrance Facade

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When old Farmer Brown finally cracked, he saw that his family was mercilessly hacked. To get to the point of this terrible yarn; he hid their body parts in the Haunted Barn. They say at night, you can still hear his children scream in agony. Long abandoned, this frightening farm doesn't get many visitors, to say the least. Overtaken by ghosts, ghouls, hideous monsters and other creatures of the night, it's best you don't stop and nose around. The Haunted Barn Entrance Facade Halloween decoration is a spooky spectacle that's perfect for a stop on a scary hayride or a wing of your haunted house. Over 17 feet tall and made out of real, rough-cut lumber, this facade is free standing and features many places for demons and deformed farm animals to hide. You just know there's something awry when you see this decrepit barn. When monsters jump out and attack, your guests' worst fears will be confirmed.