"Hag Zombiette" Electric Zombie Halloween Animatronic

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Granted, even the smartest zombie is many cards short of a deck, but some just seem unable to anything other than moan and cry out for brains. An old woman who became infected when the horde invaded her nursing home, the Hag Zombie writhes and wails in agony. A disgusting and disturbing sight to see, she twists and gestures menacingly. Don't get too close to the infected old maid. One little scratch from her sharp fingernails could be enough to transmit the zombie virus.

The Hag Zombie Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is an all-electric design that is free-standing, easy to set up anywhere, and doesn't require a noisy air compressor. She features a boney, decayed body covered in a torn and dirty shawl. Her mouth is wide open, ready to take a chomp of anyone who gets too close. With dead, white pupil-less eyes, wiry white hair, and creepy hands with sharp-looking nails, she's truly a sight to behold. Add a new animated prop to your haunted house attraction today. A hand detailed, Hollywood-quality design, this animatronic is sure to make an impression on your guests.