"Goreliath Shocktronic" Live Actor Halloween Animatronic

"Goreliath Shocktronic" Live Actor Halloween Animatronic

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A brutish monstrosity created in the lab by a team of demented mad scientists, Goreliath escaped his captors and rampaged through town, smashing windows, overturning cars, and strangling anyone he could get his massive paws on. Finally caught by brave deputies, this violent beast has been sentenced to death by electric shock. An unholy being who should have never existed in the first place, he's a mistake that will soon be erased. As thousands of volts coarse through his body, he suddenly lunges free, for one more kill. The Goreliath Live Actor Halloween animatronic is a brilliantly designed prop that will treat your audience to a unique fright. An actor in a highly-detailed costume moves their fits in anger as an animatronic head curses out the crowd. Onlookers believe the fiend is entirely artificial, until the decapitated body bursts forward in a vicious attack. Even the most hardened haunt fans will gasp at this one.