GladHeAteHer GATOR Halloween Animatronic Prop

"GladHeAteHer Gator" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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It's been a rough season in the bayou, and the gators are expanding their hunting grounds. Once content to live in the swamp and feast on deer, fish, and the occasional water fowl, they're now lurking in ponds and rivers and have developed a taste for human meat. Lucky for you, it seems this violent reptile already has dinner in his jaws. You feel bad for the unlucky soul, but you're overjoyed that it's not you. The GladHeAteHer Gator Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is a theme park-quality prop. Molded from a real Florida alligator, this menacing monster writes about and chomps down on his delicious catch. An amazing addition to an wicked bayou scene, this primordial predator will be the star of your haunted house. Warn your guests not to get too close; with an insatiable appetite, he can easily swallow two whole humans and still be hungry for more.