"Giant Spider" Professional Halloween Prop

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Crawling through the night, looking for a treat, this bloodthirsty critter seeks fresh human meat. Whether you get trapped in his web and slowly drained over the course of days, or pounced upon, paralyzed with a venomous bite to the back of the neck, and devoured by razor sharp teeth, this ravenous arachnid always gets his meal. Discovered on a remote tropical island and transported to your neighborhood as a twisted experiment in evolutionary biology, this vile invertebrate belongs on top of the food chain. The Giant Professional spider Halloween decoration is a Hollywood-quality prop that will elevate your front porch or haunted house to frightening new heights. Ideal for a demonic animal room, you'll give your arachnophobic guests nightmares for weeks to come. Designed and hand crafted by The Horror Dome for a lifelike look, the Giant Spider is over three feet long. Take home a classic Halloween creature today.