"Ghostly Gal" Women's Halloween Costume

"Ghostly Gal" Costume

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This sprawling estate was the site of a glamorous ball 90 years to this very day. All the who's who from the city were there. Wealthy bankers, popular socialites, even a few movie stars. Everyone was having such a good time, that no one noticed a spiteful butler pour poison into the punch. Soon, they all were dead. Unable to gain entrance to the afterlife, the Ghostly Gal still haunts the halls of this mansion. They say a chance encounter with her can drive you mad.

Create a fabulous character with the Ghostly Gal Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This pale white costume set features a tattered gown, capelet, glovettes, a large, wide brimmed hat, and a belt. With a little white makeup, you'll look like a lost apparition, stuck between the land of the living and the land of the dead. A vintage-style retro look, this costume is perfect for playing a lost soul who has been deceased for decades. Turn heads at the masquerade ball or costume party with this ravishing, yet dreadful costume. Trick or treat as a family of ghosts, or take a few pics for social media and retire to your couch. The choice is up to you.

One size fits most women sizes 6-14.