"Ghost Bust Pro - Seance Bust" Animated Haunted Projection Prop

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The urge to contact the spirit world can be overwhelming. Maybe you're trying to contact a deceased relative that you sorely miss. Perhaps you're looking for answers to life's biggest questions, or maybe you're driven by nothing more than curiosity. Sit down for a spooky seance and get ready to make contact with the other side. Be careful what questions you ask, and how deep you go. If you make too strong of a connection with the afterlife, you may regret it.

The Ghost Bust Pro Seance bust from The Horror Dome is a freaky special effect that will have visitors to your haunted house screaming with both terror and delight. This projection effect looks eerie and real. Your guests will listen intently as the Ghost Bust attempts to contact the spirit world. Time an animatronic to swing into action at the climax of the seance, and your patrons will leap in fear. The seance bust comes complete with a life-size bust, professional mount, projector, remote, and seance routine. Add a piece of dark clothe draped over its head for added effect. This talking bust is sure to be a hit.

Includes life-size bust, one routine (Seance), 2500 lumens projector, professional mount, and a projector remote control for easy setup and operation!