"Female Apparition" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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What bedeviled being creaks through the hallway at night? It's the Female Apparition who creeps into sight, and soon you are shaking with terrible fright. This cursed soul can't reach the afterlife, and instead spends her evenings roaming the corridors of an ancient estate, looking to exact revenge on those who have wronged her. With flowing white locks, menacing rows of crusty teeth, and pale blue skin that hasn't seen the sun in centuries, she's truly a ghastly sight to behold.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, and featuring black mesh eye covers for a horrific, dead look, the Female Apparition Collector Halloween Mask is a professional-level design. Hand painted and haired by the twisted artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this over the head design allows for a seamless look when worn with a torn jacket, distressed nightgown, or blood-covered blouse.

Freak out guests at your haunted house, dance with your long deceased lover at the costume party, or make a wonderful addition to your collection of macabre merchandise. You'll appreciate the expert attention paid to every last detail on this premium product. Drift through the halls and sneak up on unsuspecting visitors dressed as this vile specter.

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