"Evil Jack the Clown" Halloween Animatronic

"Evil Jack the Clown" Halloween Animatronic

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Production on this product is booked up until October. This product will not ship until after October 2022.

From a dusty old curiosity shop in an unkept part of town, comes a cursed metal box complete with murderous clown. This tall and terrifying Evil Jack the Clown jack in the box towers over all the other sinister toys in the demonic playroom. These once harmless objects have been possessed by angry lost souls, looking for revenge against the living. Don't get to close to this devilish jester. He may drag you inside his rusty box and feast on your flesh. The Evil Jack the Clown Halloween animatronic will be a shocking centerpiece to your haunted house's demented toy room. Also a creative way to draw attention to your business around Halloween season, he is truly a sight to behold. Rising to over 11ft tall, he features a classic clown costume, menacing, beady eyes, and rows of razor sharp teeth. He squeals, groans, roars and shakes from side to side as terrified visitors slowly file by.

Evil Jack the Clown Features:

  • Made to Order
  • Rises to over 11 Ft High!
  • Heavy Duty Box with Latex Panels

Evil Jack the Clown is a halloween animatronic made to order and offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.